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Not only do we make a high-quality magazine, but
also we think about our readers, first! And the
reader’s opinion makes our project special.

On the website, you can read the magazine
online, listen to the music and read the script
at the same time, watch videos with subtitles,
read and see the parallel translations with
build-in vocabulary.



” Focusing on the issues is what matters most”

We not only speak about business, sport and
culture, but also highlight such topics as ecology,
city planning, environmental awareness.

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P.S. From now on, we have articles with parallel translation
(EN–RU) in the text, so that learning English will be as easy and
comfortable as possible! Also, you can find how to pronounce
the words correctly with our Essential English section (p. 53).
* P.S. C этого номера у нас есть статьи с параллельным переводом (EN – RU) в тексте, так что изучение английского языка будет максимально простым и удобным! ​​​​​​​

Кроме того, вы можете узнать, как правильно произносить слова, в нашем разделе Essential English (стр. 53).