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DNSchool: Фото с тренинга Andrew Walkley, который прошел в выходные, готовы! В Этот раз снимали в четыре руки! Пару рук оказалось у Ирины Федорычевой и Владислава Тищенко из * English Mag Magazine журнал по английскому * 
Коллеги, спасибо за классный weekend, находите себя, отмечайте коллег! ;) 
Лара Мартынова, Christine Mezhova, Виктория Сикстель, Анна Ермягина, Анита Модестова, Света Мурари, Дмитрий Никитин

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Andrew Walkley "Teaching Lexically"

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Andrew Walkley 2019 Moscow Review - photos

More photos from DNSchool workshop can be found here - https://vk.com/album-139902156_269388578

Andrew Walkley, the author of great Student's book Outcomes (https://www.eltoutcomes.com by National Geographic Learning) made a great workshop for English teachers "Teaching Lexically" on 12-13 October 2019
It was possible with the DNSchool founder, Dmitriy Nikitin ;)

A great workshop by Andrew Walkley was held on 12-13 October 2019 in Moscow! and it's really logical that it's "sold out"!

"In these workshops we looked at how we can develop speaking and readings skills based on a lexical view of language and learning. On day one we looked at speaking skills with a particular accent on lower levels and exploiting students existing knowledge (in L1 and L2) to teach new language.


On the second day we looked at developing reading skills and using texts to develop vocabulary and automaticity along with speaking and critical thinking skills. Everyone came away with some new frameworks for lessons and some practical activities as well as some theoretical ideas that underpin teaching lexically."

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An Interview with Andrew Walkley (part 1)
Part 2 will be available soon!