Do you know that somewhere in Japan exists a cat island where live about 120 cats and only 22 humans? If don't, watch this cute video!  [😻]

Aoshima: Japanese Cat Island

Behind the scenes of a recent meerkat photography project in Botswana. You can see the resulting photographs here:
closed-captioned by EnglishMag

Meerkats |ˈmɪ(ə)rˌkæts| - just mere cats |ˈmɪ(ə)r kæts|

Cat lovers dreams have come true in the small fishing village [1] of Aoshima in Japan where cats outnumber [2] the human inhabitants 6-1. This tiny island is home to only 22 people but there are over 120 cats! The story goes that the islanders [3]  raised silkworms [4] to produce silk for their fishing nets [5]. But mice eat silkworms, so cats were kept in order to keep the mice population down! People from the island will sometimes feed [6] the feral felines [7] but mostly the cats fend for themselves by eating fresh fish.

As most of the population are classified as elderly the survival of the island is threatened [8]….But the people from Aoshima do not want the tourists to disrupt [9] their peaceful lives.

There is one ferry [10] to the island so there can only be 34 visitors every day. But there are no hotels and no shops here – only elderly inhabitants and a ton of cats. Would you visit Aoshima? Let us know in the comments!




fishing village ['vɪlɪʤ]  рыбацкая деревня

outnumber [ˌaut'nʌmbə]  превосходить по численности

islander ['aɪləndə] островетянин

silkworm ['sɪlkwɜːm] шелкопряд

fishing nets  рыболовные сети

feed [fiːd] кормить

feral ['fer(ə)l ] felines ['fiːlaɪnz] дикие кошки

threatened ['θret(ə)nd] находящийся под угрозой исчезновения

disrupt [dɪs'rʌpt] разрушать

ferry ['ferɪ] переправа