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«Shakespearia» project for children and adults was launched by International House Voronezh-Linguist back in 2015 and it has been always deloping since then.

Learning English through drama?

Why not!

For a few years now, schoolchildren from Voronezh have been making theatre productions under directors’ supervision and performing in English at European international festivals. This year, a total of five «Shakespearia» productions will go on a tour to Italy, Great Britain and Latvia.

Two contemporary renditions* of «Romeo and Juliet» were shown in the homeland of Shakespeare’s romantic characters. Not only did Italian audiences see two variants of the timeless classic, they also had an opportunity to appreciate two distinct director versions: one by the artistic director of «Shakespearia», Kamil Tukaev, and the other by the artistic director of the Voronezh Theatre of the Young Spectator, Vadim Krivosheyev.

In April teenagers aged 14-17 debuted in Connections, a festival for youth and amateur theatres in Great Britain. Young actors from Voronezh became the only festival participants from Russia. The play, written specially for the Russian teen-performers by English playwright Benjamin Kuffuor, speaks about the invention of a drug that stops aging. The play is directed by Jonathan Salway, the artistic director of the British theatre THE MET (professional English-speaking theatre company in Moscow)

We are also working on the programme of the «Shakespearia» festival, a great theatre fest with drama labs, trainings, master-classes are expected to take place within May 20-June 1, 2019. 


Timebridge is a unique city with its own traditions and laws. A city, which has been lost in times and every time it opens its gates for boys and girls in a different time and place. Children travel in time, learn new facts about various epoches and acquire new skills in them. Sometimes they have to overcome difficulties, yet the wisdom of citizens of Timebridge helps in such tricky situations. It's common knowledge that English is a universal means of communication, so it is widely used during our adventures. All the masterclasses, both craft and language ones, are taught in English, performances and mere chatting are also conducted in English.


Join us this summer to immerse into the 2 Stories:'Enchanted Scrolls' (June15-25) and 'Intergalactic Olympic games' (July 3-17)!


All the adventures are outlined on our TIMEBRIDGE MEDIA CHANNEL (https://vk.com/timebridgemedia)!!!


More information: +7(473)271-80-00.