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Special interview with Stooges Brass Band

(English subtitles availble)
Stooges on their most scarish and funny stories out of their tours around the World, on FIFA World Cup and why Americans are afraid to go to Russia

 Press-Conference questions

(transcript from the 7:37)

+And  just talking about world trips, around the world?
What is your favourite trip?  to what country?
-Russia, of course!
-  Yeah, it is  very good because America look at Russia like an enemy, everybody was telling us: you gonna to Russia? if they do anything to you, we will drop a bomb on them. any may
- Everybody was saying “be careful”
+ People?
- Media…it’s the media stupid

-Trump and Putin going back and forth right now

-You can’t judge the country only by their leaders
+ Have you check the YouTube videos about FIFA World Cup in Russia and
expectations of ordinary fans?
-The World Cup? they (Russia) got to the quarter-finals?
+Yes! So  you know football

+Yeah it was the media saying  “don't go to Russia...,

- Yeah, yeah...
+ and everything went smooth, right? And the media and ordinary fans made a lot of interviews, even our magazine EnglishMag made some videos with ordinary fans and they said: «It's perfect, the best World Cup»!  Yes, just even now it's not too much YouTube videos, yeah on about that thing? maybe some of them blocked, I don’t know.
-Yes It’s just the media stupid, that’s all… propaganda… But for us, we weren’t scared of coming.

-All my family said: be careful, don’t talk to anybody, if they are trying to get you into the car, don’t go with them...Relax, I’m going enjoy myself.
+Yes, but some of your friends, maybe visited Russia?
- Yes! A few Stooges members were here. They came here at 2011 or 2012, I wasn’t coming, you know, cause of the media that time :)  But they came back and they were safe! So Russia can’t be bad like that...
- I love Russia!
+ Yes. So, you all together here for 20-21 days? What cities have you visited? Astrakhan…
- We were in Moscow, Samara, Astrakhan, Kazan, now we are here, then we gonna to Kursk, Tula, Bryansk, Orel
- Yes, Orel translated as “Eagle” in English.

(transcript from the 15:47)

+ (as a continuation to the question about soundtracks made for Will Smith’s “Focus” movie) Have you had any more film projects that you are really enjoyed working with?

- We have a network called ESPN in New Orleans, we work with HBO and they produce the serial (TV show) called “Three Me” and we also produce music for the TV company NCI New Wallis?? 2 days ago, while we are here a new movie premiered on Netflix, where our music is played. The name “Buck Jump”. come to the show and we will show.

Netflix Buck jump


+In music you improvise a lot, but what about real life? are you more into very careful planning? scheduling? or more improvisation and just playing by ear?

- We think a little bit both. Sometimes we plan it out, sometimes we get stuff less minute and gonna need to play it by ear...

+ What’s easy for you in music, and what’s challenging, need a lot of effort? and what’s the most pleasant? the easiest the sort that comes out natural?

- I would say, easy is when you feel the music, when you have the inspiration. Like I said, all of us are music producers, we write songs, so kinda (inform.) like was challenging when you need to put it all this in a rhyme we gotta create, that’s the different challenge. But if we were sitting as individuals we were inspired by some of the play, then it would be a little bit more easy. But if we have like a test, fill this class, now we have 4 opinions on how to do this (right, the band confirm), then how we need to work together to get it done and that can be sometimes challenging.

+ If you could have a superpower... (the band burst into laughter) what it will be?

- We are laughing, because we were on a road trip and asked the same question to ourselves a few months ago. And our sound engineer said “more power” and we were laughing .

- Javan?: If I had to choose the super-power, I would be the perfect singer.

+ Don’t you do this now?

- Javan: Yeah... (all the band starts laughing)

- Mike? : I think I would choose teleport, so I could go to Russia back and forth.

- Walter: I want the power of healing people.

- Elliot: I think as musicians we always want to play exactly what in our head. It would be pray amazing if it could go out just as we are talking.

+ Could you give some advice to beginner jazz musicians?

- Never stop going for your dreams, practice, listen to the solos and play exactly as they are playing on the recording. Try to imitate as much music as you can. Don’t set yourself for the one genre. Don’t set the limitations to yourself. Period. As a person you can go as long as you allow yourself to go. Set no limits. From where I come from, I wouldn’t think that I could be in Russia.

+ Is there anything in life that could replace music for you?

- No way, no... Javan: Let go back to the superpower question, to make more of me (laugh) - I need three or four of me. Then I would start my own band and I wouldn’t need them. (laugh)

-Mike: we love you, too, Jay.

-Walter: we need to pay price for that,cause Jay is unique, if he could behave with himself, he would be priceless.

+ How was the sound check? did you like everything?

- Yes, easy! Engineers were perfect

+ Can you share some memorable story that happened with you at the tours or during rehearsals?

- We want a book coming up (on that)...

+ Maybe just one story?

- Javan: I got kicked off at the airplane in Boston. We got on the plane - me, Elliot, Walter, we want our instruments keep close. The flight attendant wanted Elliot to put his guitar under the plane (checked it in).I went back and forth telling her that we are musicians, that this is how we make our money. I used to work at the airport before, so I know how they throw baggages. We went back and forth about it, but she wanted to show her power - “you know what? I don’t feel safe with you on a plane, you gotta go.” Yeah, and I got stuck in Boston for three days, during the snowstorm . Elliot: So we played quartet. Javan: Ever since, I tell them "you got it!" no argueing ever since :))


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