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Very special festival-exposition "Garden-City" is being held in Voronezh these days!

The first Voronezh International Festival of gardens and flowers "Garden-city" (international exhibition – fair "Voronezh – Garden-city" took place in 2011 as a part of the celebration of the Voronezh 425th anniversary. Lenin Square has been chosen as the location for the event. Already on the 3rd year of festival holding it has been decided to relocate the event to Sovetskaya square, as the Lenin Square could not accommodate all the participants, presenting their landscape design compositions. However, with the lapse of time even this territory has become not enough. In 2016 the reconstructed Voronezh Central Park has been determined as the place for the 6th international exhibition-fair "Voronezh - Garden-city", which has already become a favourite recreation site for the Voronezh citizens. The park is a beautiful natural complex, which is rich not only in its flora, but in its history too. All this allowed creating the perfect atmosphere for the festival.

Very interesting and beautiful festival-exhibition "Garden-city" (Воронежский фестиваль садов и цветов «Город-Сад») is being held in Voronezh from 30th August till 2 September 2018 

This year it was really a special festival:

  • more than 100 expositions - from giant ants to huge mammoths, a lot of gardenning expositions, which would be lovely suited in every house.
  • more than 220 000 visitors
  • foreign participants and jury from United Kingdom, Italy, Japan and other countries.
  • What's more interesting, this year "Voronezh Garden-City" was spread on the largest capacity including hills and valleys. What is going to happen next year?:) Maybe it will be even larger? will see;)

Diolaiti Diolaiti, expert in Ecology

chack a small interview in the printed magazine - 

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Voronezh was also an organizer of the FIFA World Cup 2018

(Morocco team was based here)