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How can I get to...?

Jana: Excuse me. Do you know how to get to the Campus Center?


Lucía: Yes, I do. Go straight on this path. At the big brick building, take a left. Walk on that path for about a minute. The Campus Center is on the right. It’s a big white building.


Jana: Great! Thank you so much. Do you also know where the Burton Conference Hall is? It’s located somewhere inside the Campus Center.


Lucía: I’m not exactly sure. But my roommate and I are heading there now. Do you want to come with us?


Jana: That would be great!


Lucía: By the way, I’m Lucía, and this is my roommate Akinyi. We’re exchange students for the fall semester.


Jana: I am too! My name is Jana. It’s nice to meet you both.


Lucía and Akinyi: It’s nice to meet you too.