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VSU Conference 2018


Kevin Fabrice Yombi (Cameroon, Africa) and his perspectives how the received knowledge in universities abroad can be applied back in Africa.

Our study on the motivation of the learning motivation of Russian and foreign students is based on the methodological provisions of he theory of V. Aseev. It was conducted in Orel State University. Fifty (50) Russian students and 28 international students took part in the study. The following features were revealed:

- Leading motives of educational activity of Russian and foreign students are internal motives that encouraging the acquisition of a profession.

 - The motivational strategy of students is determined by the clarity and visibility of the concrete results of activity, i.e. the diploma. 

 - Foreign students have a greater intensity of motivation all motivational spheres

 - In motivational spheres, there are a high-level orientation of the individual to acquire a profession and a positive attitude toward learning. However, such a high level of personal orientation is combined with a low need for knowledge