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Everyone wants to live in a city in a good environment, but are we ready to make every effort to improve it? How to turn garbage in favor, activists know what to do in the project ‘’Ecodvor’’ – the All-Russian activity, which takes place in more than 50 regions of the country.

Ecology in Action ♻

Many people in modern society think about the fate of the environment, but do not know how to help it.
Activists from the Ecodvor team come up with ideas  of conscious consumption, the importance of separate collection and recycling and also they are organizing activities in conjunction with educational institutions.

What is recyclable? What receiving centres for useful waste do we have in the city? How can we prepare secondary raw material for recycling? What can you make from unnecessary things? Where can we give unnecessary things? How can you help those in need through separate waste collection? How can you organize a separate collection among your neighbors? You can find answers to these and other questions at the Ecodvor.

Such events aim to introduce the culture and practice of separate waste collection and other aspects of the sustainable development.
In the project “Ecodvor”, almost all the environmental activists of the city are united. This is a big team that is ready to popularize the idea of ​​separate waste collection and recycling. When it was cold, the meetings were held on the sites of trading shopping centres, and afterwards eco-activists moved to the courtyards and parks of the city.
 Katerina Khomich, EcoDvor coordinator: «Our goal is to develop eco-habits among people. It seems to many that it is difficult to separate waste at the household level and it takes a lot of time and effort. But there are things that can be changed and taken as a habit right now – without serious effort on yourself. We show this on our personal example – this is the most effective tool in the struggle for eco practices. We use eco-bags ourselves: they are light, comfortable and you can always take them with you, they serve for a long time. You throw the disposable plastic bag out of the store the next day, and it is very difficult to recycle it. We can weigh the products not in rustling bags, but in reusable eco-bags. 
And we do it ourselves!

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