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On Tuesday, March 19, 19:00, there was a presentation of EnglishMag magazine and open English lecture in the book club "Petrovskiy". 


At the meeting, EnglishMag team shared useful tips and tactics of learning English (and any other foreign language), as well as separately focused on the issues of ecology, processing and a comfortable city, which has a convenient transport system with developed cycling routes.


 -> https://vk.com/english_mag36 

EnglishMag presentation 

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Еще одна открытая лекция при поддержке

Призедентской программы "Ресурсный Центр" www.vrrc.ru

Presidential program. The Resource Centre invited us to give an open English lecture on "Essentials in  Bussiness Correspondence and Word Building" on April 4th, 2019 :)


Now it was on Lenin Square - the 2nd building of the Voronezh State University (Voronezh Regional Resource Center) 🚀

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Everyone, who came didn't regret, because apart of the ordinary open lessons we had an interesting and well-known guest from USA, John and he shared with us a lot of interesting about life in US and also how to communicate with other businesses.

Specially for everyone who wants to improve their English language skills  and have an opportunity not only to travel, but also exchange experience and higher up their skills   
Dear friends, on 13 April, 14:50 at Open MediaSchool we will be not only presenting EnglishMag magazine, but we will share with you the most useful tips and tactics on how to learn English  
We will be making a special contest and will present EnglishMag magazine to the most active participant!